Reclaiming the American Dream

I never studied American history at school. I suspect this may have been in part due to  the bias of the UK education system towards historical events where Britain came out ‘on top’, whatever that means. But I digress. Anyway, from what I do know, America is a country that was built by immigrants and entrepreneurs. Immigrants it seems have an outsized propensity to become entrepreneurs. This is no doubt due to the fact that there is something innately entrepreneurial about someone that chooses to leave their home to start afresh in a new country. And so it was in America, immigrants came, swiftly became Americans and with this entrepreneurial spirit ensured rapid economic development and significant individual wealth creation. This is the massively condensed version of course. But the ethos of hard work accompanied by a lack of social constructs impeding socio-economic mobility is what became known as the American Dream.

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