An Ode to New York

I’m generally interested in writing about issues that I believe are pressing concerns for our generation. However, for a change I felt like writing an altogether more upbeat and personal post this week about a very positive and formative experience in my life. Living in New York.

New York has certainly had its share of problems over the years. From being one of the most dangerous cities in the world, through to suffering the tragedy of 9/11 it has been through a lot as a city. And it still has its fair share of problems, from huge disparities of wealth, to significant levels of homelessness, and poor healthcare provision. Yet somehow, despite all this, it has emerged as, what I believe to be, the best living example, of a truly global and multicultural city, on the face of this planet. So what is it that makes New York tick in the way it does? And on a personal note why did I fall so head over heels in love with it?

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Starting out

Despite being an avid consumer of content I had never thought of becoming a creator of it myself until now. I had always felt that I had nothing to say of interest to others and that I lacked any area of particular knowledge and most of all I think I saw the practice as being rather “American”. I realise that to generalise (and yes I do intend to use UK spelling throughout) any practice as being common to nearly 320m people of almost every race, religion, and background is misguided in the extreme. However, it is exactly these types of preconceptions, that moving to New York, helped me to cast aside.

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